Having a property prepared to start generating profits requires it to look and feel the part. We help our clients set the property up from ordering furniture, soft furnishings, technology and anything else it needs. We then physically set up the property, stage it and have it professionally photographed.


Interior design

Naturally you want your guests to be wowed by their accommodation and ensuring you have outstanding interiordesign will go a longway to achieving that.

The 360SA team can help you maximise your yield by utilising our experienced design team, transforming existing spaces intoproperties that feel truly special.

From colour palettes and furnishings, to room accessories and more, we handpick everything to match your budget and create a spaceguests cannot wait to spend time in. We focus on the strengths of the property to highlight its very best features from top to bottom.

It’s a service we offer for the entire property or for individual rooms, working closely with our photography team to focus on the partsof the design that really have that wow factor.


Services included

1. Creating floorplans and/or taking planning photos to start the project.
2. Obtaining quotes from good quality furniture suppliers.
3. Liaising with an interior designer should the budget allow.
4. Arranging for any repairs to be carried out swiftly to minimise impact to the overall project timeline.
5. Referring clients to trusted finance providers if required.
6. Ordering furniture, soft furnishings, technology and all operational items such as key safes.
7.Fitting & staging of all items to create the perfect interior.
8.Arranging for professional photography and processing of the same.

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